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5 Pockets for $50

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The Pocket Thermal Pad is small, lightweight, and convenient enough to fit in any pocket! Makes a wonderful stress reliever. Great for outdoor activities, particularly during cold temperatures..
5 Pockets for $30

3 reviews for 5 Pockets for $50

  1. admin

    “I use mine as a cold pack and just leaving it in the refrigerator all the time works great, it’s always cold and stays cold for a long time!” – Andrew C. Orlando, F

  2. admin

    “I love this product, but I’ll admit I didn’t love having to boil. I tried putting it in my dishwasher on high temperature wash and it worked great! Now every time I use it I just throw it in with the dishes…” – Gloria P., Raleigh, NC

  3. admin

    “Just boil it like an egg and you have a brand new heat pack every time…” – Doug B. Baltimore, MD

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