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How To Reuse

How to Use Click Heaters:

  1. Firmly bend the metal disc inside of the Thermal pad until crystals form and the pad begins to heat up.
  2. Rub the heating pad to soften and adjust for your comfort.

How to Reuse Click Heaters:

  1. Bring water to a boil in a pot (Crock-pot is effective as well).
  2. We recommend you place a wash cloth on the bottom of the pot or use a boiling bag to protect Thermal pad.
  3. Place the heating pad on the wash cloth and continue to boil inside of the water until all crystals and cloudiness have completely dissolved. (Must be completely clear with no crystals remaining or pad will reactivate itself).
  4. Once the pad has cooled down and is in it’s original gel like form it is then ready to use again!

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