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Feel My bamboo pillow Memory Foam Pillow Set of 2 Queen Pillows


This Bamboo Pillow minimizes the PM snores and the AM achy neck and shoulder pain. Less breakouts and clear skin are an added bonus.

-60% Polyester
-Bamboo Pillow Queen size
-Shredded memory foam with removable bamboo cover
-100% Ployurethane Foam , Cover – 40% Bamboo 60% Polyester
-Wash in Cold Water – Dry low heat
-Designed to keep you cool and comfortable while you sleep!

IMMERSE YOURSELF IN PEACEFUL SLEEP – These shredded memory foam pillow provides your neck, shoulder, and upper back muscles efficient support throughout the night. Sleep like an angel with our pillow for neck and shoulder pain!
RELEASE TENSION AFTER A HARD DAY – Relax after a long day with our bamboo cooling pillow. It will align your spine, support your neck, and prevent pain making you feel rejuvenated! These bed pillows are perfect for that much-needed rest and recovery.
ENJOY HEALTHY SLEEP CONDITIONS – These breathable Memory foam pillows will allow for better air circulation, preventing sweating. A cool pillow and a hypoallergenic pillow all in one means a more comfortable and clean sleep for you
IDEAL FOR ALL SLEEP POSITIONS – Standard, King, and Queen Pillows with a 5” loft designed to facilitate comfortable sleep, as it molds to your body shape. The perfect side sleeping pillow, stomach sleeping pillow, or back sleeper pillow!


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